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How to meet with girl? Phrases while dating with girl.

Meet with girl

How to meet with girl?

Just imagine: you are at the supermarket, for example, examining shelf with wines choosing appropriate wine ... and you notice beautiful girl going through your passageway. And you are blinded by the appearance of this girl which inspires to write lyric poems, to perform a deed, and you understand that because of such woman kings launched wars to hold her.

But she doesn’t take notice of you. She just takes wine from shelf near you and goes to buy other things. You are standing there stunned trying to find pretext to speak with her. You search variants but understand that all they won’t work and you will just show yourself as an idiot in her eyes. It should be a perfect pretext, ideal phrase to start meeting. But you have no strength to think because you are afraid just thinking of plunge into event whirl. You want to do something but you are paralyzed.

Then she leaves. All that you get is thin trail of her scent that she left but it has started to vanish.

Does it sound familiar? Everyone finds himself in such situation.

The fact is that what happened shouldn’t confuse you. But if you still let this happens day after day then you need to take situation in your hands, to act differently in similar situation. As far as this problem won’t be solved by itself.

Such girls lead busy social life. And you know what? They met all people including their different friends as strangers. If your friend dates with such girl you may be glad for him and go on to drool over the way she takes care of him. He is lucky J.

There is just one shag, most likely they were introduced to each other: maybe his sister, maybe friends, maybe their mutual acquaintance. It is silly to expect this – such stunning women don’t fall down to your legs. If you are not active and not start to meet such women by yourself you won’t have any chance to be with such a woman.

Now I probably will reveal the great secret for you. Men come to meet most of women all the time, but most of beauties are ignored. It is true, men are scared because they start to compare themselves with women and before doing something they come to the decision "I don’t deserve her", "She is to pretty for me", "She won’t be interesting in me", "Such girls get used to luxury that I won’t cope with" etc. Many beautiful women are loneliest on the planet as it is hard for them to find respectable man who wants not only to have sex with her, but is able to evaluate her personality.

Do you want to find yourself one of these men proving that there are no good guys? As far as you are just afraid to get the negative result of your dating? Do you think it is many times worse than any real fight between people? Really?

To tell you the truth, most girls won’t evaluate you as a complete idiot if you come to make acquaintance with her. They could be not talkative just at the moment; probably they hurry somewhere, maybe they have husbands or boyfriends and she is now in love with him, and they are happy, or her dear dog has just dead and she doesn’t want any dating now. But in any case woman won’t be insulted if you come and meet with her.

For those who have caught the main idea of the article and decided to do to the city and start dating - you can stop worrying about all the things that may happen to you while dating. They won’t happen. The worst thing that may happen she will not be interesting in conversation with you and will meet your attempts to make acquaintance with her coldly. And it is ten times less probably then you’ll get positive answer.

Even if at the moment she can’t speak with you for some reason she will be pleased as you made her a compliment drawing attention to her.

From the other side if you speak something interesting or if you are witty, charming and funny then you have a great chance to date with her.

At first, don’t fall on girl with questions while dating

Maybe you should try to meet girls in funny way:

(You) Hi

(She) Hi

(You) I practice to communicate with pretty (beautiful) girl :)

(She) ... :)

(You) My name is ...

(She) And my name is ...

(You) (Name of the girl) And what are you doing here? :)

(She) ......

Usually this intrigues them. It seems unbelievable, isn’t it? All this time you have being looking for ideal pretexts and perfect phrases, but the truth is that you can speak everything that you want to start dating. More important is how you communicate and how you behave.

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